Monday, 26 August 2013

Travel South for adventure...

Seed #: -6768792731643722660   Rating: 5/5
Spawn right here, in this plains village with blacksmith
  • Spawn in a plains village with zombie neighbours who visit during the day, then trek South to a desert village and jungle temple with nearby caves system.
  • Near the Spawn:
  • Biome: plains
  • Approx Coordinates: x: 131  z: 249
  • Animals: sheep, with cows a short walk to the West
  • Plains village
  • Directly at spawn point!
  • # Buildings: 8  Blacksmith: Y  Farms: N
  • Cows are just over the hill to the West, but watch out for the zombies who continually spill from the caves in that direction!
  • Desert village
  • Not far South of spawn   Coord's: x: 180  z: 490
  • 11 buildings.  Blacksmith: Y  Farms: Y
Jungle temple at the edge of the desert,
with nearby buried spawner room & caves
  • Jungle temple
  • South of Spawn -  Coord's: x: 150  z: 837
  • Not far from desert village
  • Buried skeleton spawner room
  • South of Spawn -  Coord's: x: 91  z: 807
  • Slightly West from jungle temple
Drop in and meet some new friends...
  • Open cave system
  • Direction from Spawn: NE  Coord's: x: 305  z: -622
  • skeleton spawner room
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

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