Monday, 25 November 2013


Seed #: runnynose     Rating: 4/5
  • Spawn between ice plains spikes & flower forest biomes, with a tiny village with views of the ice spikes.
    Ice plains spikes, a short walk from spawn

  • Spawn Point
    • Plains biome @ x:195, z:-120
    • Pigs & sheep.
  • Plains village
    • North & a bit West from Spawn, on the edge of the ice plains @ x:99, z:-317
    • 2 Buildings, Blacksmith:N,  Farms:Y
    • Pigs and pumpkins.
      A teeny, tiny village that you can use as a base or build onto.
  • Abandoned mine
    • North of Spawn @ x:306, z:-377
    • Down the mineshaft and you're there!

  • Stronghold
    • North of Spawn @ x:306, y:16, z:-335
    • You can find the edge of it by following the cave system off the mineshaft. Keep heading North & eventually you'll find a single block of exposed stone bricks in the ceiling.
      It's hard to spot, but worth searching for!
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

Monday, 18 November 2013


Seed #: TheBeesKnees!     Rating: 3/5
  • Spawn in a plains village and set up base, then set off to explore the big abandoned mineshaft to the West in the savanna plateau.
    Village spawn with good food & blacksmith
  • Near the Spawn:
    • Plains biome @ x:-165, z:264
    • Village with chickens.
  • Plains village
    • At the spawn point, with desert, forest & savanna biomes nearby.
    • 9 Buildings, Blacksmith:Y  Farms:Y
    • Pigs to the NE on savanna plateau.
  • Abandoned Mineshaft
    • West of spawn in savanna plateau biome @ x:-413, z:259
    • Go down the shaft to the bottom, then ride the waterfall to the mines.
      Follow the water to find your way down to a large abandoned mine
  • Underwater Caves
    • Just East of spawn, in the riverbed @ x:-106, z:217
    • Large-ish underground ravine system with connected skeleton spawner dungeon
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

Saturday, 16 November 2013


Seed #: Braid     Rating: 4/5
  • Three villages fairly close to spawn and each other, one visible from spawn point.
    A good seed for checking out some of the new features of minecraft 1.7.2, including Mesa and Roofed Forest biomes!
    Village visible from spawn with blacksmith & farms
  • Near the Spawn:
    • Plains biome @ x:135, z:256
    • Mesa biome nearby to the South.
  • Plains/ Savanna village 1
    • Visible NW of Spawn @ x:87, z:162
    • 8 Buildings, Blacksmith:Y, Farms:Y
  • Plains village 2
    • SW of Spawn @ x:-173, z:370
    • 5 Buildings, Blacksmith:N, Farms:Y
    • Pigs, sheep & pumpkins.
      The third village, surrounded by a roofed forest biome
  • Plains village 3
    • NW of Spawn @ x:-330, z:-176
    • 11 Buildings, Blacksmith:Y, Farms:Y
    • Chickens, cows & pigs, with horses to the NW.
    • In  a field surrounded by roofed forest biome
Source: Original Seed found by Jane