Thursday, 29 May 2014

Seeking Fortune & Adventure

Seed #: -9019285910035284671     Rating: 3/5
  • Spawn fairly close to a small village, with good food supply.
    Stock up on supplies, then travel onward to explore abandoned mines, cave systems and spawner dungeons.
Beware the mobs when seeking your fortune...

  • Near the Spawn:
    • Plains / Forest biomes @ x:231, z:250
    • Pigs, sheep & sugarcane nearby.
  • Plains village
    • NW of spawn, beyond the hills @ x:181, z:158
    • 7 Buildings, Blacksmith:N,  Farms:Y
    • Horses, sheep & cows.
This small plains village will be a good place to stock up before setting out to discover the world
  • Abandoned mineshaft 
    • A fair distance South of spawn, you'll find two small opens in the ground beneath your feet (chickens here) @x:207, z:672
    • Drop down inside (careful of mobs!), follow caves to the left, jump down another small drop & you'll find a larger drop opening onto the top of the mines.
Two small holes in the ground are all that reveal the entry to these caves leading to an abandoned mine

  • Spider dungeon 
    • NW of spawn dig straight down to land on top of the spawner @ x:-105, z:36
    • Follow the connected cave system, turning left & drop down into the waterfall & ride it to the bottom. Then dig straight down to find an abandoned mine (@ x:-102, z:62)
    • Find an exposed zombie spawner dungeon inside the mine @ x:-67, y:14, z:84.
  • Witch hut 
    • West of spawn @ x:-257, z:222
    • Cows, pigs & chickens nearby.
Source: Original Seed found by jane