Rating System

We Rate and Rank our Minecraft Seeds here from One to Five diamonds, based on what we find fairly close to the spawn point.


Obviously you need Wood to survive (planks and sticks), so this has not been rated.
Our rating is based on one Diamond for each of the following (if of good quality):
  • Food supply near Spawn (animals or farms)
  • Village
  • Blacksmith (with a chest)
  • Temple / Mineshaft / Hut etc.
  • Scenery (caves / ravine / view)
One or Two diamond worlds are often just as fun to play, but provide a greater challenge to survive.
Some worlds are a lot of fun but have limited food... which we tagged as Food Challenges.

We would rather be sure, so when we are not we lose a diamond.

Further, we have given Labels so you can easily filter our posts (including Rating levels) for specifics you might be interested in.

Happy Minecrafting!