Saturday, 26 October 2013

Plains village, 3 jungle temples, abandoned mines, dungeons & good sized stronghold, all near spawn!

Seed #: 5140064369324461422     Rating: 5/5
  • Great seed for miners & raiders: good food supply, 3 jungle temples, 2 abandoned mines, dungeons and stronghold.
The perfect base for mining, just near the village & food - just add windows & door!
  • Near the Spawn:
    • Jungle biome @ x:27 z:246
    • Cows, ocelots, jungle temple nearby
  • Plains Village
    • East of spawn @ x:230  z:311
    • 15 Buildings,  Blacksmith:Y,  Farms:Y
    • Pigs, cows, horses nearby.
    • Small extreme hills biome to the South has sugarcane, pumpkins & chickens, plus open, shallow hillside caves perfect for a mining base with a great view of the village - just add glass!
    • Entrance to caves with zombie dungeon @ x:270, 424
      Plains village with blacksmith & lots of farms will make a great home.
  • Abandoned mine
    • Cave entrance East of village @ x:483 z:271
  • Jungle Temple 1
    • Just East of spawn @ x:87 z:22
  • Jungle Temple 2
    • NW of spawn @ x:-154 z:88
  • Cave with open skeleton dungeon
    • South of village in snowy biome @ x:437 z:474
      Watch out for the neighbours!
  • Jungle Temple 3
    • South of spawn @ x:375 z:660
    • Pigs & chickens make this a great jungle base for exploring away from the village.
    • Cave underneath leads to abandoned mine & dungeons with spawners.
  • Buried spawner dungeon
    • South East of spawn @ x:516  z:401
    • Dig out the Western wall to find caves leading to an abandoned mine and a decent sized stronghold!
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

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