About Us

The family that plays together stays together!

We're a family who loves computer games, especially Minecraft - and exploring new seeds.

Lauren & Rhys (12 & 9) first discovered the game in 2010 and it didn't take too long before us parents joined in the fun.

The most frustrating part (for Jane and Andre at least) was being stuck in a world with nothing to eat, limited resources and not even nice scenery to look at!

So we started the tedious "next world... next world..." trek before looking at other Minecraft Seed sites.
While there were some with nice screenshots, and others with screenshots and some coordinates, none gave us the detail we craved...
And often there's swearing on those YouTube videos, so not really family-friendly.

We started this site to share some of the amazing Minecraft seeds / worlds we've found together.

  • We have detailed investigation of each for things fairly close to spawn point.
  • We have Rated them systematically so you can just go to the best!
  • Use our Labels for specific things that interest you.

We hope you and your families will have fun playing them too!

Feel free to leave comments, and if you want to submit your own seed to us for review - contact us!

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  1. This is an all-round good seed, but most interestingly there is a jungle temple at (x=-250, z=230) hanging off the side of a cliff!
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