Friday, 26 July 2013

Stronghold with Two Libraries & Mine

Seed #: -4151803258447384617    Rating: 5/5
Stronghold with two libraries & mine, not far from spawn and two villages.
  • Fantastic seed with two villages, desert temple, a large stronghold and abandoned mine.

Near the Spawn:
  • Plains biome - Coord's: x: 240  z: 233
  • Animals: chickens & cows
  • Plains village
  • At spawn point - Coord's: x: 282  z: 288
  • 2 Buildings, Blacksmith: N  Farms: Y
  • Extensive cave system underneath village with spawner rooms
    Spider spawner room in caves under the plains village
  • Desert temple
  • East of Spawn - Coord's: x: 537  z: 205
  • Desert village
  • East of Spawn - Coord's: x: 600  z: 248
  • 6 Buildings, Blacksmith: N  Farms: Y
    Desert village with well in the background on the right
  • Stronghold
  • East of Spawn - Coord's: x: 693  z: 347
  • Dig down beside the well near the desert village.
  • Has two libraries open to a large cave system.
  • Cave system connects to a large abandoned mine!
Source: Original Seed found by Jane


  1. There's horses, sheep, pigs and cows near the well too!
    I love this seed, thank you! :D

  2. Thanks Kathy, glad you liked it!

    1. Does it work for minecraft pocket edition for android??

    2. Sorry Alan, there aren't any spawned structures like towns or strongholds in pocket edition. Wish there were!

  3. On what side of the well do you mine to get to the stronghold?