Sunday, 28 July 2013

Life in the Desert

Seed #: -4302099886770271879    Rating: 3/5
Desert temple and village near the spawn point.
  • Spawn in the snowy forest, but live in the desert with a temple nearby, and travel to the abandoned mineshaft to kill mobs.

Near the Spawn:
  • Taiga biome - Coord's: x: 247  z: 182
  • Animals: chickens

  • Desert temple
  • East of Spawn - Coord's: x: 363  z: 171
  • Desert village
  • East of Spawn - Coord's: x: 325  z: 226
  • 7 Buildings, Blacksmith: N  Farms: Y
  • Wolves & cows in the jungle to the South.
    Find a way down the sheer mineshaft to find this abandoned mine.

  • Shaft leading to abandoned mine
  • In the forest South of Spawn - Coord's: x: 516  z: 257
Source: Original Seed found by Jane


  1. Cool, I also found an underwater mine at x-324, z-712.
    There's a little sand island with a mineshaft in the ocean to the west :D

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing Kathy :)