Monday, 25 November 2013


Seed #: runnynose     Rating: 4/5
  • Spawn between ice plains spikes & flower forest biomes, with a tiny village with views of the ice spikes.
    Ice plains spikes, a short walk from spawn

  • Spawn Point
    • Plains biome @ x:195, z:-120
    • Pigs & sheep.
  • Plains village
    • North & a bit West from Spawn, on the edge of the ice plains @ x:99, z:-317
    • 2 Buildings, Blacksmith:N,  Farms:Y
    • Pigs and pumpkins.
      A teeny, tiny village that you can use as a base or build onto.
  • Abandoned mine
    • North of Spawn @ x:306, z:-377
    • Down the mineshaft and you're there!

  • Stronghold
    • North of Spawn @ x:306, y:16, z:-335
    • You can find the edge of it by following the cave system off the mineshaft. Keep heading North & eventually you'll find a single block of exposed stone bricks in the ceiling.
      It's hard to spot, but worth searching for!
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

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