Saturday, 16 November 2013


Seed #: Braid     Rating: 4/5
  • Three villages fairly close to spawn and each other, one visible from spawn point.
    A good seed for checking out some of the new features of minecraft 1.7.2, including Mesa and Roofed Forest biomes!
    Village visible from spawn with blacksmith & farms
  • Near the Spawn:
    • Plains biome @ x:135, z:256
    • Mesa biome nearby to the South.
  • Plains/ Savanna village 1
    • Visible NW of Spawn @ x:87, z:162
    • 8 Buildings, Blacksmith:Y, Farms:Y
  • Plains village 2
    • SW of Spawn @ x:-173, z:370
    • 5 Buildings, Blacksmith:N, Farms:Y
    • Pigs, sheep & pumpkins.
      The third village, surrounded by a roofed forest biome
  • Plains village 3
    • NW of Spawn @ x:-330, z:-176
    • 11 Buildings, Blacksmith:Y, Farms:Y
    • Chickens, cows & pigs, with horses to the NW.
    • In  a field surrounded by roofed forest biome
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

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  1. Loved the world thanks for submitting! All three villages worked, though not as much stuff at the blacksmith's as I would have liked. Thanks for giving me a world to play!