Sunday, 25 August 2013

Own Your Own Island!

Seed #: 6769318875306488369   Rating: 3/5

Your own personal tropical island has trees, coal and a nice ravine to explore.

  • Spawn on or just near a small island with an interesting ravine & cave system, with a desert village and temple not too far away.

Near the Spawn:

  • Beach biome (small island with trees) @ x: 11 z:91
  • Animals: cows, pigs & sheep on island just to the North

Other Features:
  • Desert village
    • Just South of Spawn @ x: 55  z: 284
    • 10 Buildings,  Blacksmith: N  Farms: Y
    • Sprawling town has sheep & cows to the South and donkeys & horses to the South West.
  • Desert temple
    • NW of spawn @ x: -330  z:-285
Source: Original seed found by Jane

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