Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Idyllic Jungle Retreat

Seed #: 3835348299869787148   Rating: 3/5

A beautiful base, if you have the patience to hunt down the cows and chickens in the jungle.
  • No village nearby, but you spawn almost on top of a jungle temple, beside a crystal clear pool.
Near the Spawn:
  • Jungle biome @ x:-200, z:260
  • Animals: sheep, chickens, cows scattered around
Another possible base with plenty of food.
  • Witch hut
  • Direction from Spawn: SW  Coord's: x: -331  z: 597
  • Pigs, chickens, pumpkins & both kinds of mushrooms and sugarcane in the surrounding swamp.
  • Buried zombie spawner room
  • NE of spawn, @ x:-41  z:126
  • I found 2 gold apples in the chest.
  • Pigs & sheep nearby
  • Buried zombie spawner room
  • NW of spawn @ x:-641  z:217
  • Medium sized convoluted cave system with mobs.
Source: Original seed found by Jane

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