Saturday, 31 August 2013

Raiders of the Lost Ark... Temple, Zombies and a Mineshaft!

Seed #: -784752771  Rating: 5/5
  • A fantastic world to play...
  • Desert Temple, Zombie Spawner and caves next to a great village
  • Great night hunting to keep you entertained!
  • And an extensive abandoned mine-shaft to explore

    Instant Base near spawn that will keep you on your toes at night
Near the Spawn:
  • Plains biome @ x: -229 z: 211
  • Animals: Cows, Sheep
Break into the Spawner for the Zombie Hunt!

Desert village:

  • Nth East from Spawn
    x: -195 z: 149
  • # Buildings: 11, Blacksmith: No, Farms: 4
    Entrance to the Mineshaft
  • Desert Temple
    next to village
  • Zombie Spawner
    in a cave near the temple
    @ x: -166 z: 70
  • Open the Spawner room when ready!
  • Plenty of other caves next to village to East and South. 
Don't Get Lost!
  • Extensive Abandoned MineShaft further away to South East.
    • Enter via large Cave in valley @ x: 11 z: 224
    • Mineshaft @ x: 60 z: 199
Source: Original Seed found by Rhys - and played for many hours!

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