Thursday, 27 June 2013

Village SW of Spawn, most animals and caves

Seed #: -5504401268722492644   Rating: 3/5

  • Simple Village to South West of Spawn
  • Many caves around village, lots of resources, lots of Zombies!
  • Most animals nearby, Oscelot sighted in jungle east of Village.

Caves in Foreground and Village behind - loads of Zombie Hunting!

Near the Spawn:

  • Biome: Plains
  • Approx Coordinates:  x: -246  z: 129
  • Horses, Chickens and Cows near village, Sheep East of Spawn.

Village with more caves to south and east, east to a Zombie spawner.


  • Direction from Spawn: South West  Coordinates: x: -437  z: 298
  • Biome: Plains  # Buildings: 6  Blacksmith: N   Farms: 2
  • An intense first night with loads of Zombies!

Other Features:

  • Zombie Spawner
    • Direction from Spawn: S  Coordinates: x: -259  z: 227
  • Deep Cave system with lava and waterfalls
    • Direction from Spawn: S   Coordinates: x: -386  z: 380
Source: Original, found by Andre

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