Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Excellent - Village with Blacksmith, and 2x Temples!

Seed #: 1165762855    Rating: 5/5

  • 2x Temples, a Village with lots of farms and a Blacksmith
  • Good cave systems a little further away - lots of zombies to hunt.
Desert Village with Blacksmith, Lots of Farms and Temple!  Lava Lake behind temple.

Near the Spawn:

  • Biome: Jungle / Desert border
  • Approx Coordinates:  x: -143  z: 75
  • Animals: Pigs in jungle, cows and sheep other side of village


  • Near Spawn: Y Direction from Spawn: Sth West. Coord's: x: -143 z: 75
  • Biome: Desert.  # Buildings: 11  Blacksmith: Y    Farms: 7

Other Features:

  • Desert Temple next to Village (spawns a lot)
    • Direction from Spawn: Sth West. Coord's: x: -198 z: 266
    • Great to farm zombies!  Lava pool west of Temple
  • Jungle Temple next to Ravine
    • Direction from Spawn: Nth East. Coord's: x: 26 z: 133
Jungle Temple and Ravine North East of Spawn
  • Cave Systems
    • Direction from Spawn: Sth West or village. Coord's: x: -286 z: 348
    • Sheep / Cows nearby.
    • Multiple cave openings in mountain

  • Overhang Rock
    • Direction from Spawn: West. Coord's: x: -400 z: 250

Source: Original seed found by Rhys

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