Monday, 24 June 2013

Good Caves, Animals and Lava Falls

Seed #: 880011161344249114    Rating: 2/5

  • Good animals near spawn
  • Great caves near spawn - extensive and very deep
  • Lava Falls
Lava Falls with Cows and Sheep - South of Spawn

Near the Spawn:

  • Biome: Plains
  • Approx Coord's: x: -220  z: 248
  • Animals: Horses, Pigs, Cows, Sheep

Other Features:

  • Lava Falls on mountain
    • Direction from Spawn: South.  Coord's: x: -251  z: 406
  • Caves
    • Direction from Spawn: South. Coord's: x: -185 z: 279
    • Several entrances around spawn... very deep with many resources found easily.  Lots of Lava / Waterfalls.
Numerous deep cave entrances near spawn
Great resources - if you can brave the monsters!

Source: Original By Andre

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