Saturday, 22 June 2013

Village North of peninsula spawn

Seed: -7496501956217580933    Rating: 4/5

  • Fantastic seed for cave exploration. 
  • Village with farms near spawn, surrounded by numerous cave entrances and enough mobs to keep you busy at night.
View North from spawn area, with rock arch in centre and village in the distance.
Near the Spawn:

  • Biome: Plains
  • Approx Coordinates:  x: 46  z: 245
  • Animals: sheep, village, pigs


Village visible from spawn, surrounded by caves and ravines.
  • Near Spawn: Y  Direction from Spawn: North  Coordinates: x: 57 z: 95
  • Biome: Plains  # Buildings: 6    Blacksmith: Y    Farms: Y

Huge Cave System     -  coordinates: x: 33   z: 173
    • North of spawn, just after you go under the rock archway.    
    • Absolutely humongous. I took a quick zoom around in creative mode - lava falls, waterfalls, gold, diamonds and a large cavern with a water & lava lake.  Can't wait to play it!
Underground cavern with lava & water lake

      Source:  Original seed found by Jane

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