Friday, 28 June 2013

Ravine Heaven - Lose yourself in Multiple Intersecting Ravines

Seed #: -2588782043929545193   Rating: 2/5
  •  If you love Ravines - this is for you!
  • Multiple ravines intersecting each-other at various levels.
  • Very easy to get lost - but totally worth the journey.
  • Fantastic Lava / Water tunnels, and even all lava floors!
  • And Obsidian found in two places! 
  • A survival challenge as only chickens found near spawn.
Entrance to Ravine Heaven (left one) is two intersecting ravines, and others come off these!
Near the Spawn:

  • Plains biome @ x:-13,  z:247
  • Animals: Chickens - not much else

A little way in and another ravine even deeper crosses the first.
Other Features:
  • A small Ravine just north of Spawn, but a HUGE ravine with numerous intersecting other ravines and caverns at various levels to South West.
    x:-68, z:286
  • MANY resources spotted
  • Obsidian in Lava-floored cavern
  • Slightly East of Spawn and almost straight down!
    x:12, z:246 (level 11), and more found @ x: 37 Z: 216
Walk this path of Fire and Water!
One of two Obsidian pools found
Source: Original found by Andre

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