Saturday, 29 June 2013

Great Caverns and view

Seed #: -4972641964531393864   Rating: 2/5

  • A lovely cavern scene to look on, with underground ravine nearby.
  • I built on the hill and fished for food
  • Limited animals, cows and Ocelots in the jungle
View of Cavern and cave beneath from a Hill... great scenery but limited animals

Near the Spawn:

  • Biome: Jungle (watch out - I spawns underwater!)
  • Approx Coord's:  x: -250 z: -95
  • Animals: Cows, Ocelots 

Other Features:

  • Great Cavern with lava fall and lake
    • Direction from Spawn: West  Coord's: x: -336  z: -24
    • Cave is deep but not extensive
  • Underground Ravine
    • Direction from Spawn: Nth Wst  Coord's: x: -321  z: -160
    • Ravine is deep and splits
Ravine Entrance, with cows and oscelots

Source: Original found by Andre

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