Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dungeons with Waterslides

Seed #: freefromworry    Rating: 3/5
    Skeleton spawner room before excavation - a little different to normal
  • Not an awful lot of features, but a good village & the two spawner rooms open onto the same small cave system, with waterslides at each entrance!
Near the Spawn:

  • Biome: Taiga
  • Approx Coordinates:  x: 45 z: 245
  • Animals: sheep just Nth of spawn on edge of forest, pigs a bit past them on the other side of the river

Village not too far from spawn point, with blacksmith, pigs, sheep & farms

  • Direction from Spawn: NE  Coord's: x: 250  z: 35
  • Biome: plains    # Buildings: 12    Blacksmith: Y    Farms: Y 
  • Horses can be found to the NW of the village (x:0, z:82), and there's some cows further away in the same general direction (x:-296,z:-231)
Other Features:
  • Buried Skeleton spawner room
    • Direction from Spawn: NW  Coord's: x: -135  z: 60
  • Buried Zombie spawner room
    • Direction from Spawn: NW  Coord's: x: -180  z: 95
      Set up a base under the desert: two entrances with waterslides!
Source: Original seed found by Jane

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