Sunday, 30 June 2013

Quaint Village and Ravine at the spawn!

Seed #: 4911046437422308111   Rating: 3/5
  • A small village right next to spawn; plenty of food resources.
  • A ravine system just south, with obsidian, water, lava and lots of resources.
  • Fun to play at night!
I spawned next to the cave on the opposite side of the river.  The ravine is on the other side of the village.
Near the Spawn:

  • Biome: Plains
  • Approx Coordinates: x: 250  z: 252
  • Animals: cows, horses, sheep

  • Near Spawn: Y Direction from Spawn: West  Coord's: x: 216 z: 274
  • Biome: Plains # Buildings: 3  Blacksmith: N Farms: Y
Other Features:
  • Ravine System (multiple branches, ample resources!
    • Direction from Spawn: South. Coord's: x: 211  z: 321
    • Obsidian found in deeper ravine at x: 230 Z: 304
A second deeper ravine opens from the first, with obsidian, gold, lapis and redstone easy to find.

Source: Original found by Andre

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