Friday, 20 September 2013

Village and Overhang with mobs at spawn

Seed #:  8446768077492382514   Rating: 2/5
  • A fun seed to play...
  • A plains village at the spawn, with a mineshaft underneath
  • An overhang valley with plenty of mobs nearby
This village at spawn has a cave underneath.
Dig down a little for a spawner and mineshaft!
  •  Near the Spawn:
    • Plains biome @ x: 118 z: 225
    • Chickens, Sheep and Pigs nearby
  • Village at Spawn:
    • # Buildings: 9 Blacksmith: Yes Farms: 7
    • There is a cave beneath the village (other side)
  • Spawner and mineshaft beneath village:
    • Dig inside the cave entrance @ 160, 290
  • Overhang valley with plenty of mobs
    • Just to the west of the village
    • A great place to explore 

Spot the village through the overhang gap ahead.
Source: Original Seed found by Andre

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