Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mushroom biome and tiny village

Seed #: 8426064488213640245    Rating: 2/5
View of the mushroom biome & cows from spawn point
  • Plenty of food to collect on the way to the village, which you can use as your base to explore the mushroom biome.
  • Rated 2/5 because basically that's all there is anywhere nearby.

Part of the mushroom biome, with mooshrooms and horses on it's edge.
  • Near the Spawn:
    • Plains biome @ x:199  z:-131
    • Animals: cows, chickens,
    • You'll pass wolves, horses, more chickens, on the way North out of the plains biome.
Abandoned mineshaft - dig down beside well.
  • Desert village
    • North of Spawn @ x:176  z:-748
    • 2 Buildings:  Blacksmith: N, Farms:
    • Not a lot there, but a good starting point to use for exploration.
  • Mushroom biome
    • West of spawn point, across the bay @ x:31  z:-249
    • Follow the edge of the bay to find your way there.
  • Abandoned mine
    • Dig down beside well @ x:-92  z:-675
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

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