Sunday, 18 August 2013

Village at spawn, nearby stronghold & 2 mines

Seed #: 943735722883972817      Rating: 5/5
Plains village on the border of desert and swamp biomes, at spawn point.
  • Awesome seed, with a village at the spawn point, two abandoned mines nearby and a large stronghold to the East.

Near the Spawn:
  • Plains biome @ x: 252  z: 162
  • Animals: Chickens, sheep just to NW, cows to the West and pigs in village.
  • Plains village
  • Just South of the spawn point @ x: 290  z: 257
  • 4 Buildings, Blacksmith: Y  Farms: Y
  • Buried zombie spawner room
  • Roughly South of Spawn @ x: 524  z: 275

Stronghold, found by digging stairs down from a buried spawner room.
  • Large Stronghold
  • South of Spawn @ x:524   z:275
  • Starting beside the zombie spawner (above), dig a stairway downwards to the South and you will end up on the roof of the stronghold - it's quite a way down. (thank you minecraft glitch!)
  • Cave leading to Abandoned Mine 1
  • Entrance is roughly North of Spawn @ x:195  z:-14
  • Follow the cave all the way along, past two lots of lava and at the very end (x: 215  y: 49  z: -35) dig South until you hit gravel. Then dig straight down to the mine & watch out for mobs...
Fantastic ravine in jungle biome with mine entrances at the bottom & spiders galore.
  • Ravine with Abandoned Mine exposed at the bottom
  • Direction from Spawn - Coord's: x: 215  z: -288
  • At least 3 different entrances to the mine system are at the bottom of the ravine, with a spider spawner just inside one.
  • Open spider spawner room halfway down the ravine at one end.
  • Lavafall & waterfall combine to make a natural cobblestone generator.
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

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