Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Large Village and Ravine, but far from Spawn

Seed #: -8346232010527111888     Rating: 2/5
  • Large Village, far to North from Spawn (rated down for this)
  • Deep ravine right near Village
Large village with farms, cows and pigs.  Ravine is to left before river.
Near the Spawn:

  • Biome: Jungle
  • Approx Coordinates:  x:83  z: 253

  • Direction from Spawn: South. Coord's: x: 110  z: 651
  • Biome: Plains. # Buildings: 14 Blacksmith: N Farms: Y
  • Animals: Cows, Pigs and Horses nearby
Other Features:
  • Lava Lake (on way to Village)
    • Direction from Spawn: Sth Coord's: x: 69 z: 492
  • Deep Ravine
    • Direction from Village: East. Coord's: x: 189 z: 638
    • Deep down at 188,646 is a room with multiple lava and waterfalls
Deep in the Ravine
Source: Original Seed found by Andre

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