Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Zombie Ravine Village, Temple, and Hidden Stronghold with Massive Mines!

Seed #:  -4040597748409837035   Rating: 5/5
  • Village near Spawn - sitting over a ravine with exposed Zombie Spawner
  • Overhang with caves Spider Spawner, and Desert temple to East
Zombie Village - exposed zombie Spawner in ravine under the village!
Near the Spawn:
  • Approx Coord's: x: 216 z: 241 in plains with sheep and nearby village
  • South West from Spawn @ x: 130 z: 364
  • # Buildings: 8 Blacksmith: Yes Farms: 3
  • Exposed Zombie Spawner in Ravine under Village!

Overhang with Spider Caves
  • Spider Spawner found in caves under an Overhang
  • Travel East @ x: 414  z: 412

Desert Temple
  • North East of Overhang
    • @ x: 856 z: 236

Underground Stronghold and Mines are WORTH it!

Hidden Stronghold and MASSIVE Mines
  • Buried underground east of overhang (thanks graphic glitch!)
    • Dig at @ x: 565 z: 380
    • Get lost easily in here...
    • I explored for a LOT of hours!

Source: Minecraft Seeds for village, ravine and zombie spawner.
Stronghold, Mines and temple found by Andre C of thanks to a graphics glitch!

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