Saturday, 20 July 2013

Pretty village near spawn, good food and abandoned mine

Seed #: rhys jeffrey    Rating: 4/5
Abandoned mine with huge caves to explore
  • Rated 4 because of the abandoned mine, and the village is so unusual.

Spawn point:
  • Forest biome - Coord's: x: -150  z: 250
  • Animals: cows & sheep close by, and pigs just South.
  • Village close by.
Waterfront plains village with cows, sheep, lava, farms & caves.
Plains village:

  • Just SW of spawn - Coord's: x: -220  z: 280
  • 9 Buildings. Blacksmith: N  Farms: Y
  • Cows & sheep wandering among the buildings
  • Built on and around a hill, with pools of water, caves and a lovely natural archway.

Desert entrance to abandoned mineshaft

  • Abandoned mine
  • West of spawn - Coord's: x: -500   z:143
  • From a distance the entrance looks like a buried spawner room (see pic)
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

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