Thursday, 10 July 2014


Seed #: enterseed     Rating: 5/5
  • Four villages, three desert temples and abandoned mines.
    Not a lot of food to start with.
View from spawn point
  • Spawn halfway up the side of a steep Savanna Mesa @ x:266, z:-164
    • Careful of the lavafall!
  • Desert village 1
    • West of spawn @ x:106, z:-126
    • 6 Buildings,  Blacksmith:Y,  Farms:N
  • Plains village
    • South of spawn @ x:235, z:73
    • 8 Buildings,  Blacksmith:N,  Farms:Y
    • Chickens, cows & sheep nearby, with pigs & pumpkins to the SW.

  • Desert village 2
    • West of spawn @ x:-228 z:-215
    • 7 Buildings,  Blacksmith:Y,  Farms:N
Desert village 3, with blacksmith, farms, temple and abandoned mine nearby
  • Desert village 3
    • East of spawn @ x:730, z:40
    • 6 Buildings,  Blacksmith:Y,  Farms:Y
    • desert temple 1 very close by @ x:687, z:-4
Hidden underwater entrance to the abandoned mine
  • Underwater cave entrance to abandoned mine 
    • East of Spawn @ x:900, z:15
    • On the edge of the ocean to the East of desert village 3, you'll find a cave entrance in the side of the cliff beneath the water.
    • Follow it through to at least three places where you'll gain entrance to a large mine with spawners and chests.
One of at least three ways into the abandoned mine from the caves
  • Desert temple 2 
    • NW of Spawn @ x:526, z:-274
  • Desert temple 3 
    • NE of Spawn @ x:162, z:450
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

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