Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Overhang Valley and Abandoned Mine and Ravine underneath!

Seed #: -2877132865548497499    Rating: 2/5
  • Don't be deceived by a lower rating - just no villages or temples nearby.
  • But if you like Overhang Valleys and Mines, you will love this!
  • Have great fun farming zombies and monsters in the dark overhangs.
  • Explore the caves!
  • Follow the waterfall underground to a ravine with abandoned mine!
Lava, Waterfalls, Caves and Overhangs.  And underneath, a mineshaft!

  • Spawn in a Plains biome @ x: 204 z: 246
    • Sheep and Pigs nearby
  • Overhang Valley
    • West of spawn 
    • @ x: -69 z: 335
    • Sheep / Chickens here
    • LOTS of monsters, caves and dark places to explore
    • Follow the waterfall underground (-69,335) for
      • Ravine System
      • Abandoned Mineshaft

Source: Original Seed found by Andre

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