Monday, 9 September 2013

Who's been drilling around here?

Seed #: 4576012881658869654    Rating: 3/5
Amazing round hole that looks as though it's been drilled into the ground!
(look closely and you can see the light at the end... nope, it's from lava inside)
  • Fantastic tunnel entry to huge cave system at spawn point, with lots of animals for food nearby.
  • Go West for a huge abandoned mineshaft, witch hut & underwater caves.

Near the Spawn:
  • Taiga (Snowy) / forest / plains biomes edge @ x:120 , z:250
  • Animals: pigs, sheep, horses, donkeys & chickens all fairly close.
  • Amazing big round tunnel with extensive cave system
  • Right near the spawn point @ x:116, z:281

Lots of directions to choose from once you find your way down the shaft to the mine.
  • Mineshaft
  • Straight down in the grass plains West of spawn @ x:-70, z:270
  • Spider spawner near the first part.
  • Skeleton spawner dungeon with chests & chests in minecarts further in.
  • Witch hut
  • West of Spawn @ x:-360, z:320
  • Underwater cave & ravine
  • Just North of witch hut @ x:-369, z:300
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

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