Saturday, 14 September 2013


Seed #: KitKathy    Rating: 4/5
Abandoned mine & ravine under plains village at spawn!
  • Spawn at the edge of a plains village, with nearby caves to dungeons and an abandoned mine - oh, and did we mention the stronghold?

Near the Spawn:
  • Plains biome @ x:31, z:277
  • Animals: sheep, pigs, horses & chickens. Cows to the West.
Village with most animals, farms & pumpkins - right at spawn point!
  • Plains village
  • Spawn on the edge of the village
  • 12 Buildings: Blacksmith: N, Farms: Y
  • Caves leading to abandoned mine & ravine
  • Entry at South edge of village - @ x:13, z:349
  • Caves leading to zombie spawner dungeon
  • Entry at North edge of village - @ x:-18, z:250
Superb stronghold - find your way into a shallow cave in the jungle & dig your way down!
  • Stronghold
  • South and a little West of spawn, enter cave @ x:-156, z:709
  • Follow shallow cave to it's end and dig straight down in the dirt there.
Source: Thanks to Kathy for sharing this find!

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