Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pork Village

Seed #: -8950872272738301274   Rating: 2/5
Mostly buried desert temple with well & extreme hills in the background
  • Village quite near spawn point with good food supply.
  • Graded down to 2/5 because the temple isn't really close to spawn point.
Near the Spawn:

  • Biome: plains
  • Approx Coordinates: x: -38 z: 243
  • Pigs and pumpkins at spawn, with sheep & chickens a short walk North.

Plains Village:
Small village with pigs galore!
  • Near Spawn: Y    Direction from Spawn: North  Coord's: x: -12  z: 7
  • # Buildings: 5    Blacksmith: N    Farms: Y
  • Lots of interesting caverns in the ground to investigate.
  • Pigs all over the place, horses & donkeys NW, with cows a short way West of them in the jungle. 
Other Features:
  • Desert temple
    • Direction from Spawn: NE  Coord's: x: 725  z: -290
    • Mostly buried in the sands
Source: Original seed found by Jane

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