Friday, 12 July 2013

Huge Abandoned Mine, Limited Food

Seed #: -2956477409458758415   Rating: 3/5

Seek adventure and fortune in the huge abandoned mine
  • No villages near spawn point, but three buried spawner rooms - one opening onto an abandoned mineshaft.
Near the Spawn:

  • Biome: jungle
  • Approx Coordinates: x: 221 z: 235
  • Animals: pigs  

Other Features:
Abandoned mine with all kinds of exposed ores and mobs to tackle.
  • Buried spider spawner room with large mine
    • Direction from Spawn: NE  Coord's: x: 335  z: -20
    • Enter the large cave system off the spawner room, turn left and go down the shaft to find the mine
  • Buried zombie spawner room #1
    • Direction from Spawn: NW  Coord's: x: 150  z: 70
    • Small caves with alternate entry at x: 195  z: 63
  • Buried zombie spawner room #2
    • Direction from Spawn: East  Coord's: x: 470  z: 173
Source: Original Seed found by Jane

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